Every Seventh wave by Daniel Glattauer


Every Seventh Wave by Daniel Glattauer

Austrian fiction

Translators – Jamie Bulloch(Leo) & Katharina Bielenberg (Emmi)

Original title Alle sieben Wellen

Source – Review copy

Now ever so often you read a book , the first in a series of books and you then  can’t wait to read the second part .This for me was the case with this book it is the follow-up to love virtually ,which was one of my favourite books of recent years and struck a chord with the romantic in my heart .Since the last book came out Glattauer has had another two vols of his articles for der standard and a novel.So as I write this having just listen to the Radio four version of this book ,which featured David Tennant as Leo and Emila Fox as Emmi here is a link to the Iplayer where it will be for a week .The earlier version of the first book appears to be available on you tube from links I saw earlier on twitter .

Subject: Query

Good evening ,Mr systems manager .How are you? Quite chilly for March , don’t you think ? Still after such a mild winter I don’t think we should be complaining .Oh yes since I’m here ,I’d be grateful if you’d answer a query .We have an acquaintance in common .His name is Leo Leike .Unfortunately I appear to have mislaid his current e-mail address .Would you be so kind and possibly …? many thanks

With my warmest virtual wishes ,

Emmi Rother

Emmi at the start when Leo still not there talking to herself in e-mail

So we are back to the story of Leo and Emmi .Last time Leo had ,left to go to america and had stopped using his Email account and all Emmi was getting is a systems manager message saying the email account was no longer in use .So the books opens and it is a few weeks later Emmi tries to e-mail then six months still no reply barring the system manager reply .Then lights are observed in Leo’s old flat and guess what she e mails to say so and no System manager reply hopeful she then gets a reply from Leo ,he is back and thus starts this strange e relationship the e-mail start slowly and cautiously .Whats happened in between ? who is Pamela ? what happened between Emmi and Bernhard her husband since Leo left ? All these questions get answered and what the hell does the title mean ? Well I suppose I can give that away whilst e mailing on Holiday Emmi Tells Leo about an old saying on the island where she and Bernhard are having a Holiday that every seventh wave that hits the shore is a bigger and stranger wave than the other ones.

Subject : A stranger 

For an hour I’ve been deleting chunks of e-mail in which I’m trying to describe what I thought of you at our meeting .I can’t seem to collect my impressions .No matter what I write it sounds banal , clichéd

Leo tries to absorb their first real meeting …….

As you can tell I love this book and would hate to give away too much to you as the reader  I think it is a book that every romantic person should read and discover what happens for themselves .Yes there are relationships hurt because of Leo and Emmi but at the heart of the book is the courtship a dance so to speak .We again see Glattauer using e mails to give life again to the epistolary novel .We also see a change in the dynamic the last book saw Leo as the main one pushing the romance this time the tables are switched it is Emmi that is the driving force trying to turn the virtual in to the real world romance  .Yet again the couple behind the translation have worked wonders by giving Emmi and Leo ever so slightly a male and female voice in English  as they translated each character .For me I was so reminded of Amanda  and myself’s romance we meet online and lived apart and used to text a lot so I got the times when Leo said it is hard to tell what mood Emmi was in by Email alone it is .I also thought the way he brought the novel to an end so suited to this story .

Do you have a favourite romantic book ?

13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. afictionhabit
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 19:31:48

    Hi Stu. I haven’t read either book, but absolutely loved both radio adaptations. I thought it was incredibly romantic and Glattauer builds the story nicely in both volumes. I will be ordering them from the library quick smart!


  2. parrish lantern
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 20:07:11

    Not read this or the first one, but these do sound as though they could be interesting.


  3. Tom Cunliffe
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 09:01:09

    Great review Stu – you give a good insight into what the book is about. I don’t really have any fave romantic books, but I guess any of the great French novelists cover the topic as well as anybody.


  4. Brian Joseph
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 10:42:58

    Great commentary Stu!

    The world and relationships has changed so much over the last few years due to the communication revolution that it is difficult to catch one’s breath. With that said the basic nature of human relationships is still the same. This sounds really interesting as it seems to dig into these issues.


  5. Caroline
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 08:24:50

    I’ve read both and while I thought the sequel wasn’t necessary, i liked the bitter-sweet ending of the first, I still devoured part II as well and ended up enjoying it a lot. I’m not sure I have a favourite. Maybe Jamilia.


  6. Leeswammes
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 19:37:22

    I very much enjoyed the first book and after your positive review I’m looking forward to reading the next one, too! I thought the first book was very original and fun.


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