Trevor for booker

I ve long been a fan of the Irish writer William Trevor ,for those of you not familiar with him he is often called the irish Chekov ,Tim Adams of the observer said of him “widely believed to be the most astute observer of the human condition currently writing fiction .He has long been a booker bridesmaid with five nominations one long list in 2009 and four shortlists 1970 (Mrs Eckdorf in O’Neils hotel ),1976(The children of Dynemouth) ,1991(Reading Turgenev) ,2002(The story of Lucy Gault ).So rather than the Booker prize do what they did with the other booker bridesmaid Beryl Bainbridge and have a prize after she died why not honour the man whilst he is here I feel after the fuss this years prize caused say oh well we’ll stop for a year give it to William as a special one-off price for 2012 for the body of his work ,I would imagine many readers would be disappointed with this choice also it would honour William’s contribution to modern English literature he is a writer that has mixed Chekov, Maupassant short story talent with a touch of Irish tradition from Joyce and O’Connor with the English literature of Maugham and Greene .I love the booker I felt I gave the wrong impression last week it has led me to many good books ,my problem was with this year and recent years that I felt let down with the prize that has been dear to me .But never wanted to lessen the prize and I don’t think readability is dumbing down it is up to each of us what is readable .I felt near the prize being given some people went a little over the top with the vileness of the opinions and also the puppets that think these people are a sort of demi god of English literature !Any way if you think this is a good idea please write a post maybe if enough of us little people shout loud we can make the Horton’s of this world listen !!!! Please support this William Trevor is a writer that touches the soul !!

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  1. kimbofo
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 12:23:07

    I don’t agree with the Booker one-off prizes — awarding people prizes because, ooops, we should have awarded them one at some other point in time – ie. Beryl Bainbridge – just weakens the brand, in my view. But I do admire William Trevor — as you say he’s a wonderful writer. Why not put him forward for the Nobel Prize in Literature instead — it certainly has more kudos than a “fake” Booker.


  2. parrish
    Oct 22, 2011 @ 13:18:56

    Although I admire your passion here, I also think giving the man an award, Just because.. creates the very situation you didn’t like with the booker, creates an artificially hyped scenario where It’s not the best, but more of a popularity contest. There’s no doubting Trevors deserving of some credit, It’s whether he’d want a ” By God your still alive, here’s a long service medal’ which you get in the music world type award and which in the process also devalues the very award you love.


  3. Sylvie Sevigny
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 00:11:20

    I absolutely love William Trevor, love his novels and short stories!


  4. Nymeth
    Oct 24, 2011 @ 12:21:56

    It’s been many years since I read Trevor, but I remember being impressed with his short stories. I like Kimbofo’s Nobel suggestion.


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