Proust 90 th anniversary readalong ?


I saw it was 90 years since the death of the french writer Marcel Proust next year and the little voice in my head said read along ,this tied with a recent ABC books show where yet another person picked his masterpiece in search of lost time or if you’re a bit older remembrance of things past as one of their all time favourite reads .It is also a favourite on desert island discs as the desert island read

It was published in seven volumes from 1913 -1927

  1. Swann’s way
  2. Within a budding grove
  3. The Guermantes way
  4. Cites of the plain
  5. The prisoner
  6. The fugitive
  7. The past recapture


What I thought was a 14 month readalong two months on every book with a monthly post for half way and complete reading .ending in 2013 would tie in with 100 th anniversary of the publication of volume one .My editions are the older Moncrieff / kilmartin editions published in the late eighties from penguin I brought second-hand .

At moment I m just want to raise the flag and see what interest there is I ve never got past Swann’s way and feel I need a push to get through it all and want to as it is considered one of the major works of 20th century european literature .

Have you read the book ?

Are you interested in joining in ?

September 2011


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