Desert island disc -take two the reload

Late last year I did a desert island disc post but since then the choices have puzzled me and a recent chat with an old friend on Facebook has made me re think the list and also in the time in between I ve really found my personnel voice and find writing posts flows easier for me so want to redo list now and flesh out choice with reasons .I love desert island disc and since the archive has come online spent a lot time looking at choices of past guests have made in the show .so for take two here are my choices and the reasons for them .

1.Better together – Jack Johnson – I choose this last time I know ,it is a mellow tune but is the first song we had at our wedding and is Amanda and I song .Because we are better together I feel like I ve lost an arm when we re apart ,we get on so well together every minute together is precious to me .so it will always be here in a desert island disc list .


2.Blue ridge mountains by Fleet foxes – I fell in love with the voices of the fleet foxes when I first heard them ,it was one of those moments you hear a song and know the band will be in your collection for ever ,this track from the debut album make me think of the wild places I ve been in my life ,a windswept beach in Donegal ,the moor in Northumberland or driving through the highlands on a summer day .

3.When I ‘m dead and gone – fury in the slaughterhouse ,the german rem or u2 they’ve been called this from the bluesy album mono ,a dark album about death mainly this song  about how your remembered is my favourite by them .This to me is a secret band not well-known here ,I found out about them in the time I lived in Germany and it reminds me of that year there .


4.Drowners – suede – this was huge when it came out the new smiths was the take ,gritty lyrics and clashing guitars made it a teenage anthem ,I remember buying it in Kirkcaldy in a small indie record shop there and listening to it at my aunties ,it reminds me of summers in Fife with family strange for a dark song but I always make connections between time and places with what I listen to so if this is dark it makes me think of happy times .

5. Fake empire – the national – this was used as part of Obama campaign ,I got into national via a track on a magazine CD .This is an album that is always on my I-pod nano so it makes me thing of Winston for some reason this album boxer and this track in particular is great dog walking music ,especially on a dark night .

6.I wanna go to marz – John Grant – this is a soulful song about a childhood sweet shop but much more than that ,from an album that I ve played to death since I ve got it ,John grant was the lead singer of the czars and I got their album via my best friend Steve so in some ways this albums reminds me of the great night s of my twenties when Steve, Leon ,my brother Duncan and I went out every friday and saturday drinking round town .I remember the characters we meet the bars and route we took week after week .

7.Late night ,Maudlin street by Morrissey – Well anyone that knows me knows I couldn’t go to a desert island without Morrissey or the smiths I have had a love /hate relationship with him and his music I was a smiths fan and love his debut solo album which this is from this is one of his longest songs and I think one he revealed some of his own life on a song set in the seventies about urban life .I m reminded of the day I brought the album at beat route records in Congleton and the fact for a long time after they had an australian copy with a title misprint on of “education in reverse ” the run out groove message on the vinyl album ,not “viva hate” the actual title .

8.Mfwany by Sir John Betjeman – This is one of his poems set to music ,he record these in the seventies but it took twitter to get to me ,although Morrissey had used a different track as a show opener on his tour .I just love his voice the tone of it and this song in particular .

Book – essays by Ben Okri – a change I choose Proust but I feel this would keep my mind alive Okri essays in his two collections the first of which I ve read m\ke you question books myths ,utopias and the Arcadian myth to name some .

Luxury – same as last time a digital photo frame with my wedding the best day of my life   and a couple of pictures of Winston so I’ll  have all I love and hold dear to look at .

There I feel this is a better post than the first ,my friend on Facebook said I live on   memories and I do but also live for today because as some one said you have to see where you’ve been to see where your going ,that is very true I think .

What would you choose and why ?


16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rikki
    Jul 30, 2011 @ 17:08:38

    I wouldn’t go anywhere without The Smiths. They are my all time favourite band. Not too fussed on Morrissey on his own I must admit, except for Seasick yet still docked, which is absolutely wonderful.


  2. gaskella
    Jul 30, 2011 @ 18:53:40

    I’ve been thinking about doing my own Desert Island Discs post, so I won’t let on my choices – except they won’t feature Morrissey! Sorry, but although he may be a great wordsmith, I can’t stand most of the music… But each to their own heh!?!


  3. Anbolyn
    Jul 30, 2011 @ 22:40:40

    I’d really have to have a good think about what I’d want on my list, but I know it would probably include Neko Case, Janis Joplin, Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith and a Nat King Cole selection. I love the sound of that Fleet Foxes song…


  4. parrish lantern
    Jul 30, 2011 @ 23:58:20

    As you know I’m also a Smiths fan & although I know of Fury, my fav German band is Einsturzende Neubauten, liking the national, but would want some Bobby D, something from Blood on the tracks probably. Massive attacks, blue lines, some Autechre, this could change each time, so I’ll leave it here, great post.


  5. Karyn
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 10:21:50

    I also love The Smiths, and early Suede, but I would need to include some great Australian music, perhaps Paul Dempsey and Something For Kate, and Josh Pyke.


  6. Frances
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 16:27:42

    Get your Smiths/Morrissey thing, Stu. Completely get it.


  7. Sarah
    Jul 31, 2011 @ 22:08:36

    Poor old Proust! Actually I agree with you. He may be a fascinating character but I wouldn’t want to be marooned with him long term. I hate to be disrepectful but I think he would get on my nerves eventually. I think Infinite Jest would work well on a desert island since one would be expecting to end up deranged anyway.


  8. petekarnas
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 01:43:21

    Good call on the Jack Johnson. I’d include a little Jimmy Buffett, some Simon and Garfunkle, Warren Zevon, and Greg Brown. Great post!


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