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well its been a while since I ve done a sunday post or a post on books I ve got but as I ve done a hug library haul on friday rather than one or two which I have been doing and also visited the local book sale and found three gems that I want to show off .

Library books 

From the top left –

Marie chapdelaine by Louis hemon – a french Canadian novel from 1913 ,about Maria who choose a rural french Canadian  life exploring the early french settlers .

The match – Romesh Gunsekera –

I saw chasing bawa mention this a bildungsroman about a young Sri lankian boy growing up ,I read reef and monkfish moon years ago and her post reminded me of him so I grabbed this when I saw it on the shelves .Oh and I m also a cricket fan .

Four novels by R K Narayan

this is an everyman collection of his first four novels they are swami and his friends ,the bachelor of arts and the english teacher that where a trilogy when published and the dark room as with most of his works they are set in the made up southern Indian town of Malgudi ,Mel from reading lives is reading his books at moment ,and I loved painter of signs I want to return to his world

Next row –

This is the trilogy of your face tomorrow by Javier Marias -I m late getting these as Richard of Caravana de recuredos is doing a readalong I hope to catch up and join in from vol 2 .The book ,part spy novel /part romance set during the forties .It has been on my wish list to read for ages .

bottom row

No-one loves a policeman by Guillermo Orsi

I read Matt’s review over at reader dad and after being sent Ashes by Sergios Gakas also from Machlehose it seem a great companion to it both set to a backfall of economic mayhem .this one in 2001 in Argentina .

Cedilla by Adam Mars Jones – this has been mention as a booker contender it looks long follows John Cromer the anti-hero of his last novel through his late teens and early twenties in the 60’s and 70’s .I like the fact that he has a disability which is something you don’t see a lot in fiction .

book sale books

Some one in our local area is a folio member and brings them to book sale so my two buys are the beige book is Aubrey’s brief lives a collection of small biographies published in the 17th century ,the blue patterned book is Robert Byron’s the road to Oxiana -this is considered a classic of english travel writing cited as influence by Bruce Chatwin ,it follows Byron through Iran and Afghanistan at turn of 20th century .

The paperback is Geographies of Home by Loida Maritza Perez – set in Brooklyn it follows a young black latino women as she  confronts what has happened to her sisters ,I choose this as the writer is from the Dominica republic and I ve not read a book from there nor a latino fiction book .

So there are my books ,I m settling down this evening with Night watch by Sarah water ready for the new BBC series on Tuesday ,I ll have a post ready for then hopefully .Winston is sleeping on his step this evening .

What are you reading ?

What have you brought or borrowed ?




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