Translationthurs for 23 June

Parrish Lantern – is busy reading the post war Japanese potery collection for Jlc 5 ,the challenge to read Japanese literature hosted by Dolce Belleza ,the collection is translated by Harry and Lynne guset ,Have keep eye out for a review from Parrish .

I will tweet ,from the Blog Just Williams luck ,suggest Sjon The mouth of the whale ,His new novel in English from Saqi books ,set in 1600’s in Iceland read Wills review






Mcaclehose Press link to their writer Cees Nootebom reading from his new wonderful collection the foxes come at night  ,I ve read and will be reviewing it shortly a timely collection with a reflection on life and death as the theme to the stories.Lizzy siddall suggest this as well here review of it is here

Oxford world classics suggested their book repetition and philosopher crumbs by Kierkegaard a collection of two works showing his philosophy the say from the best Danish version

Karyn at a penguin a week Choose a Penguin surprise surprise she has a wonderful collection a Georges Simenon  The widow,from the Belgian writer I found three of his recently ,his estate don’t know how many books he wrote as he used a few alias in his time .This has also been reissued by NYRB it is the tale of a widow and a killer Gide consider it better than the stranger by Camus at time it was published ,exploring the space between death and desire

Expatina said you should read the wonderful german writer Daniel Kehlmann his last novel was fame .

Bookworm 1979 suggested Teresa Solano not so perfect crime ,from Bitter  lemon press ,set in Barcelona a noirish crime novel

the wonderful Meike at Peirene picked Sjon’s other book the blue fox ,A bloggers favourite ,I ve yet to read it

Kinna from Kinna reads ,is looking forward to a new Peter Nadas novel soon to be in english and his older book the book of Memories a book in the form of three narratives complex but very worth reading from the Hungarian writer .

Jen and the Pen suggested After midnight by Imgard Keun a Anthea bell translation ,the pre war classic by this German writer that caught the interwar years in Germany ,her books were banned by the Nazis and she had to live in exile during the war .

Arablit picked Abduction by Anouar Benmaleks ,a thriller set in Algeria a book with a lot of violence and sadness it seems

Rebecca books who works for Harvil secker has set a face book page or the novel in the sea there are crocodiles ,a true story of a boys five-year Journey from Afghanistan to Italy where he found safety at last a ,heart warm tale of freedom it seems .

Last Tony from Tony’s reading list  is reading F C Delius a portrait of a young women in the original german the 130 page sentence look forward to his review see what he thought I loved Jamie Baluch translation .

Jamie Baluch tweeted he is translating Alissa Wasler ‘s Am anfang war die nacht musik , in the beginning was the night of music roughly ,it is about a relationship breaking up in 18th century Vienna ,not sure who is publishing it .

June 2011


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