Translation Thursday round up for 2 june

I missed the last week with being in London but have this week list of books suggested and who suggested them .

Comedy in a minor Key by Hans Keilson – Every review of this I ve read has loved it .The books follows a dutch couple trying to get rid of a body of  a jewish man they were hiding he died this week aged 101 he had hidden in Holland himself during the war ,suggest by Matt G Craig .


Clochemerle by Gabriel Chevallier trans J Godefroi ,classic french satire about building of a urinal in a french village mad into a tv series in seventies ,I ve a copy of this as well I must read ,suggest by a penguin a week

Our ancestor by Italio Calvino trans Archibald Colquin ,any book by Calvino is going to be great ,This is a collection of three tall stories by the Italian master suggested by Parish Lantern .

The secret history of the lord of Musashi by Junchiro Tanzaki translator Anthony H Chambers  follows the desires of a 16th century samurai ,also suggest by Parish Lantern

The scent of the night by Andrea Camileri translator  Stephen Satareli ,part of her Montalbano series a great Italian crime series is the sixth in the series and find Montalbano tracking a Fiance man on the run ,suggested by Book worm 1979

Elise Blackwell

Elise Blackwell the talented american writer highlighted a piece on catranslation by Witold Gombrowicz

I suggest the new star of Korean literature Kyung-sook Shin here novel Please look after mother a hit in her homeland translated by Chi-Young Kim ,it tells of a mother getting lost en route to Seoul from four angles a bit like a Durrell novel .

Small memories by Jose Saramago –  Saramago goes into his earliest memories in this book suggested by Gina from pebble in my shoe

The Aeneid by vigil trans by Robert Fitzgerald ,everyman among others use this version of the Roman  classic about the founding of Rome  ,suggested by edesmondananthony from twitter

Histories Naturelles by Jules Renard ,french poetry from one major figures in french writing ,Ravel set some of these to music available from one world classics ,suggested by london lib

special Assignment by Boris Akunin past of the Fardorin series  about con men and corruption from the great russian crime writer the fifth in the series ,suggested by chasing Bawa

The castle by Franz Kafka trans by the wonderful Anthea bell Kafka’s last novel follows K as he tries to enter a mysterious castle ,suggest by OUP press .

As thou you were sleeping by Elias Khoury translator Humphrey Davies set in Beirut of the 40’s a dream like story suggested by Arablit and Myself as I m reading it at moment


From the mouth of the whale by Sjon ,his latest novel ,translated by Victoria Cribb ,set in 1630’s Iceland follows clashing of old and modern world and an exiled man suggested by I will tweet from just Williams luck .

The master of Go  by Yasunari Kawabata  translated by Edward Seidensticker , A classic from Japan about a master of the game go playing his last game ,a read for Japanese literature 5 by tony Malone of tony’s reading list .

Queen Pokou by Veronuique Tadjo Translator Amy Reid a retelling of Akan classic story ,her is Kinnas review ,a african classic from the Ivory coast writer ,,suggested by Kinna of Kinna reads .

Monsieur Linh by Philippe Claudel ,this is quirky french and has a truly wonderful end one of my favourites this year ,suggest by Rob of Rob around books .

Tomorrow Pamplona by Jan van Mersbergen  trans Laura Watkinson ,two men take a road trip but more a trip into them selves ,suggest by Lizzie siddal.

There we are a wonderful mix of and old and new and people starting Japanese lit five run by Dolce bellezza ,I hope to join in the fun too ,later in year

June 2011


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