I m off tomorrow to attend the prize giving for this years IFFP 2011 sponsored by Booktrust,I ve read five of the six shortlist books ,but was unable to get the sixth in time due to a library bloop ,but will weight up each  chances of winning –

The Museum of innocence by Orhan Pamuk  translator Maureen Freely – The longest book on the list ,an epic tale of love class and that feeling of total togetherness with one person .It could win due to its epic scope and heartfelt writing .

If it was an english book it would be lady Chatterley lover ,also about love and class with a flip in gender roles thou .

The sickness by Alberto Barrera Tyszka  translator Margaret Jull Costa – A novel involving three people and illness real and imagined ,also father and son relationship ,an interview with him here ,it should win because sickness isn’t often touch so well in fiction

If it was an english book it would be north and south a novel that also touches on dying and parental relationships .

Red april by Santiago Roncagilo translator Edith Grossman  – the past horrors effect a present day crime in Peru ,a hard-hitting and no holds barred novel,it should win because its sheer honesty about his homeland .

If it where and english book it would be This is hard book to match but John Mcgahern seems to touch on Ireland’s terrorist past in some of his books .

I curse the river of time by Per Petterson translator per Petterson and Charlotte Barslund ,like the sickness touches a parent dying but now it is a strong minded mother and a son wanting and needing answers ,it should win as it beautifully bleak like his other books and so insightful into family .

If it was in english book it would be the art fair David Lipsky ,another mother son relationship that is strained .

Kamchatka – Marcel Figueras  translator Frank Wynne Harry and his brother the midget on the run in 80’s Argentina ,this should win as Harry is one if not the best child narrator I ve ever read a warm and touching book .

If it was an english book it be black swan green ,two great narrators and similar times on in uk and Harry was in Argentina .

Visitation -Jenny Erpenbeck  translator Susan Bernofsky -I ve not read this but have read Old child sop ,she should win as she has a fable like talent as a story-teller ,thus I can’t compare to an english book .But this is the favourite .

My tip Kamchatka !

May 2011


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