some musical christmas gifts

I tend to get money for christmas from parents so spent it buying some new cd’s as the tbr pile is huge my love of music is bigger than my love of books I have well over a thousand cds and another couple of hundred on my i tunes ,I read three music magazines a month and used go to a lot of gigs when in my youth ,so my cd bounty is –


Midlake -The courage of others ,this is the third album from midlake a heavy mix of folk ,soft 70’s rock and Jethro Tull .I like the previous album still bit up in air about this one .If they were a writer they’d be Walt whitman .

The phantom band – the wants ,I loved loved checkmate savage their debut a heady mix of Scottish bands past and present in a way it was like a taster of all the bad loved ,this is like a full pot of The phantom band wonderful ,if they were a writer they be Alasdair Gray as like him there full of ideas and multi talented .

R.E.M -Reckoning ,This was the one R.E.M album I d not got on cd and is wonderful to hear seven chinese brothers and camera in fact all the album I prefer the early more distorted style ,If they were a writer they’d be Jonathan Frantzen ,the biggest on the block and new albums and books always looked over with a fine tooth comb .

MGMT – congratulations ,MGMT like the uk Klaxons and Aussies empire of the sun ,seemed to have bridge dance and rock so well ,dreamy lyrics and wonderful videos ,if they were a writer they’d be Hebert Selby jr groundbreaking and a little on the edge .

Tom waits – Nighthawks at the dinner ,usually every year I add one of toms old albums to my cd collection ,not many left now ,love him or hate him they broke the bourbon soaked mould when they made tom a unique songwriter and musician mixing jazz ,musical ,avant grade and rock ,if he were a writer he’d be Charles Bukowski soak in gin and whiskey and smoked over a burning pack of lucky strike

Bob Dylan -live in 75 the rolling thunder revue ,the last of the bootleg series I needed and my 47 Dylan album only a few left to get ,Nick Hornby said in 31 songs everyone should have some Dylan ,I love him he is the greatest American singer hands down ,if he were a writer well he’d be himself !!! or Philip Roth at a push .

I also got new i pod nano to listen to these on .

What music did you get ?

January 2011


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