The library at night by Alberto Manguel



what can I say about Alberto Mauguel ,he is such an iconic figure to my self ,he is a Canadian /Argentina writer ,he publishes mainly non fiction books on reading the art of reading why ,how and what reading means .He was one of the figures that read to the late Jorge Luis Borges .When he lived in Buenos  Aires  in the german book shop .

The book revolves about what a library is ? it means so many things through time ,howe they came about how they inspired saved and enthralled readers and writers alike .He does all this as he build his huge library in his current home in France a barn contain thirty thousand volumes .I grew up with book my father is a huge reader and has shelves full of escapist fiction which is my fathers taste thrillers ,westerns but a prized collection of turn of the century Dickens in black leather always was loved by me as a youngster .mt gran was same with Trollope Saki etc on her shelves and my grandfathers antique guides and books on all matter of bizarre subjects .As I read through library at night I was gripped with passion like a young boy opening his first Dinky toy .I wish I had posted my quit post and just have read this and all would be well with Winstonsdad I needed inspiration and this was a lifeboat in a sea of doubt in myself .

The library in which I have at long last collected my books began life as a barn sometime in the fifteenth century ,perched on a small hill south of Loire ,here in the last years before the Christian era ,the romans erected a temple to Dionysus to honour the god of this wine-producing area ;twelve centuries later ,a christian church replaced the god of drunken ecstasy with the god who turned his blood to wine .

the opening of The library at night ,howe can you  not carry on after that salvo !

So if you wonder who Dewey was of the Dewey decimal system ,or what came before him .Then again what books meant in Auschwitz during the war well dear readers the answers lie with the cover of this wonderful book .I Have read a number of his earlier books and now will get another to put behind emergency glass for when I wobble as this book and Manguel as a writer is a shining beacon on  a foggy mind . I know want my own barn or large space for the ever-expanding Winstonsdad collection of books as a book lover I just can’t stop rooting round book sales for my next fix of cover art or feel of leather from an aged volume .

Have you read this book or any of his books ?

December 2010


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