my readaton 2010

I m taking part in my first readaton tomorrow ,I m starting on saturday morning and reading through the day and night luckily .I m on one of my night shifts so have to stay awake all night here are my choices ,for tomorrow .


current read -the bad girl by Mario Vargas Llosa  ,the new Nobel laureates latest novel ,a retelling of sorts of madame Bovary story  ,I m 50 pages in and am enjoying him ,I had already intend to read this a some point before end of year ,it has been over ten years since I read him ,I remember how I liked his style in other books I ve read .


I ve two short African Novellas ,travellers to the east by  Thomas Mofolo ,considered the first African novel by the writer from Lesotho follows a mans pilgrimage ,So long the letter by Mariama ba follows women as she writes a letter on how she dealt with her husband taking a second wife .

Tobias wolff ‘s old school is first of two novels follows schoolchildren in 1960 at a private school as a Hemingway is due to visit the school competion and turmoil crop up .

The weekend Bernhard Schlink a novel that follows a group meeting after 20years one of them has been in prison for there involvement in the red army faction in germany ,secrets are revealed and memories stirred .

I hope to visit some blogs tomorrow and get as much as I can read and do some short post through the day .



Coconut Unlimited by Nikesh Shukla

Nikesh Shukla is a writer poet and film-maker ,coconut unlimited is his debut novel ,Nikesh is well-known in London LIT circles due to his involvement in numerous events .coconut unlimited is the story of three school friends

I ve decide to review this intertwine my own life ,this coming of age tale and its humour made me smile and remember my own teen years in a similar way to black swan green by David Mitchell and rotters club by Jonathan Coe ,this story c=starts at the start of a new school term and Amit ,Ananad and Nishant  they discover hip hop and get dragged into the culture and finding records ,in my life it was Billy Bragg and the smiths ,listening too John Peel buying the NME ,the lads have a collection of oddball and helpful teachers a bit like my own school ,at home parents struggle to grasp this new love ,memories of my own mother saying what is this music ,why you got your hair like that echoed in my head as I read the book .They decided to form a crew and become budding hip hop stars ,dearly needed at the time uk hip hop being mc tunes and Derek b ,I briefly try to rap myself for 5 minutes at the back of a local school with a lad called Mike Hurst this last all of twenty Minutes as I realised I am on of the most tone-deaf out of tune rappers that has ever been lol .but the guys in the group coconut unlimited  and title of the book give it a real go  ,starting with small gigs and a visit to a studio ,one of my favourite passages is the first trip to a real record shop ,and its Knowledgeable owner this remind me of the shop in Congleton where I grew up Beat route run by a man also called Stu like me this guy seemed to know everything and like the guys in the book really shocked me at times .

I did Eddy .They moaned ,though .They couldn’t believe you’d sell stuff like Tupac and Snoop just cos you have all that metal stuff in your window .

Well he said looking over his pince-nez glasses at Anand and me ,you boys how much stuff sells to the disenfranchised white youths with a middle class amount of pocket-money in his wallet .I ‘m a Beatles man myself but I’ve got to make money somehow and ,face it suburban school children love goth and heavy metal – it’s like a club tuneless ,I’d say not like Lennon .He was the last of the greats ,so you guys in a band ,eh ?

meeting the shop owner .

A fresh talent for sure ,this is my book of the year so far and shows yet again Quartet’s great taste .a wonderful insight into growing up in the london suburbs and being asian at same time ,this book will touch you if you read it  .I was left wanting to hear John Peel’s dulced tones saying here are a new group whose debut EP  I m playing coconut unlimited ,then it’s but on at wrong speed to start with .there is also a mix done by Nikesh to accompany the book here is a link .

disclosure I got this from Quartet for review .

October 2010


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