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Well I ve had a busy non blogging week spent a lovely day at skegness with two of the people I support ,we were lucky and got a nice sunny day .It has been a quiet week for book news .


The nobel prizes is announced on the 7th october .I did a post wondering who was going to win ,have since seen other and spoke to people ,my feeling is a joint Amos Oz /Elias Khoury award would be a great idea .Also Juan  Goytisolo s a writer that may deserve it the well known Spanish writer is considered one of the best from Spain in twentieth century .What are your feelings ? would you like some one realtively unkown in the english to win like recent years ?

Granta announced a list of writers in Spanish to read ,like there english list of writers to watch ,A lot of the names are new to me ,this seems like a great entry level to the next genration of writers from spain and latin america .

NDRÉS BARBA – Spain, b. 1975
OLIVERIO COELHO – Argentina, b. 1977
ANDRÉS RESSIA COLINO – Uruguay, b. 1977
FEDERICO FALCO – Argentina, b. 1977
PABLO GUTIÉRREZ – Spain, b. 1978
RODRIGO HASBÚN – Bolivia, b. 1981
SÒNIA HERNÁNDEZ – Spain, b. 1976
CARLOS LABBÉ – Chile, b. 1977
JAVIER MONTES – Spain, b. 1976
ELVIRA NAVARRO – Spain, b. 1978
MATÍAS NÉSPOLO – Argentina, b. 1975
ANDRÉS NEUMAN – Argentina, b. 1977
ALBERTO OLMOS – Spain, b. 1975
POLA OLOIXARAC – Argentina, b. 1977
ANTONIO ORTUÑO – Mexico, b. 1976
PATRICIO PRON – Argentina, b. 1975
LUCÍA PUENZO – Argentina, b. 1976
ANDRÉS FELIPE SOLANO – Colombia, b. 1977
SAMANTA SCHWEBLIN – Argentina, b. 1978
CARLOS YUSHIMITO – Peru, b. 1977
ALEJANDRO ZAMBRA – Chile, b. 1975

there is a spanish blog as well,of the writers only 3 have been translated so far in to English .

of the writers it apears

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rise
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 12:50:22

    I have a Goytisolo book somewhere called ‘A Cock-eyed Comedy.’ I’ve read a book each by Oz & Khoury; both left me cold. Maybe not their best work.

    I hope César Aira got it. Even though he has only a handful of books (6) translated. The publicity will allow the remaining dozens untranslated to be finally brought out.


  2. Frances
    Oct 03, 2010 @ 15:02:25

    Stu, here is the thing about the Nobel. I don’t even care any more. So mired down in ridiculous politics. But I do appreciate a lesser known (at least lesser known in the English speaking world) author winning as it does give me a push to read more broadly. Like this great list you feature here does today. Thanks.


  3. Tom C
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 07:57:15

    I’d go for the Iranian author of Censoring and Iranian Love Story – Shahriar Mandanipour


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