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Well had a great week with BBAW posts ,I have loved find some new blogs ,well all that has left news low on the ground but have a couple of piece .

news –

All you bloggers on twitter ,should follow @peirenevoices the second feed from peierne press ,this has been having their writers and translators on-line answering question .I managed to ask F C Delius a couple one was what other german writers he enjoyed he said “death in Rome by Wolfgang Koeppen and the books of Alfred Doblin ,so follow them and get chance to meet their great writers and translators !

The second bit of news is that next year the polish book institution has set up as site to celebrate the 100th year of Czeslaw Milosz birth with a website and a number of festivals and events in his honour ,he is considered one of Poland’s greatest writers and won the Nobel in 1980 a poet ,prose and novelist ,I have his the land of ulro to read so will be next year here is a link to the site which is english ,lets hope this makes some nis books available in english again there are a few from Penguin already .


I received a copy of the new war and peace translation  from the OUP this week ready for the read along in January .shall be posting in next few months more info on times and length of readalong etc etc .

Also going to host an around the world reading Challenge in 2011 ,I have my own around in 52 books challenge but ,want make a challenge for other people Know there is a couple of them running this year ,I want to make a fun ,simple challenge watch this blogger for more news ……….

September 2010


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