This is the first translation from  highly succesful series in its native italy ,Valerio Varesi he was born in Turin and grew up in Emilia ,he studied philosophy and became a journalist ending up working in Bologna on the republic in 1998 he published the first commissario Soneri novel there have been a number of follow-up books the series has been made into a wonderful tv series in its native italy called mist and crimes (Nebbie e delitti) ,I watch a few clips on you tube the man character is a beard guy in his late 40’s it looks to be a dark crime show ,so it gave me a feel of the book to start with .Now the book itself is a wonderfully presented book eerie black white sepia picture on cover and a wonderful marble like set of endpapers inside .Now the novel is set round the River po that cuts across northern italy and the bargemen that work on the river ,it opens as two elderly brothers one dies and the other vanishes with in a short period of time ,this is when Commissario Soneri appears to find out what has happened ,as he untangle the story ,which at times is hampered by the fact that these bargemen are a tightly knit secretive community ,but he sees the light bit by bit .Who is Kite and what happened near the end of the second world war to lead to the events that have just happened well to find that out you’ll have to read the book ..

“see you tomorrow for the results of the post-mortem ”

Soneri nodded,but he was deep in consideration of the port ,almost hypnotized by the liquid in the glass in his hand .in a whirl of vintage red,he seemed to see the barge man Tonna carried along in the current until he was swallowed up b y the waters .he drank the port in one gulp and reached for the list of the caabinieri quarters in the province

soneri pondering and drink ,something he does a lot.

Well I don’t read many crime novels but when I do find one I love I can’t help but  rave about it and this is one such book Varesi seems to capture a tight-knit community so well it reminds me of the mining villages that surround Chesterfield where I live ,the are always cautious of strangers and tend to do that thing where you’re welcome ,but not really ,if you know what I mean ,well he has caught that wonderfully ,Soneri is a detective in the classic police detective mode ,brooding ,has a vice in his case seems to love visiting the bar .the plot keeps you on your toes til the last few pages ,it is a good insight into how deep wounds caused by war can run in this case it is fascists and partizans with wounds still running deep 40 plus years later .the book is published by Quercus on there Machlehose press ,and was translated by Joseph Frrell ,whohas alos translated the works of nobel laurate Dario Fo.


This is like a italian rebus but the ken stott rebus not the John Hannah one ! and below is Luca Barabeschi who plays soneri for the RAI TV SERIES

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  1. amymckie
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 12:21:02

    I don’t read a lot of mysteries or detective novels but this one sounds interesting!


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