Thumbing through thoreau


This is a collection of pieces brought together by Kenny Luck from various Thoreau books ,Henry David Thoreau in my opinion was one of the greatest american writers in the 19th century his influence is still felt today via books films and political movements ,a writer that is hard to pigeon-hole ,my first encounter with Thoreau was via the film dead poets society where he is mention by on of the characters .he is most well-known for Walden the book he wrote after spending 2 years 2 months living in a log cabin by Walden pond in the 1850’s ,which make up the first part of this collection ,he was also a noted journal writer which the later part of the books covers .

The book is a collection of what Hector in the film History boys would call gobits ,little gems that capture beautiful the feel of Thoreau’s writing ,along with the gobits ,there are illustrations by Jay luke and Ren Adams ,the illustrations are all black and white and what may be described as primitive in style or maybe simplistic like japanese block art they wonderful capture the nature of Henry David Throeau’s work .the is a video on you tube about the book .Kenny luck who compiled the book is a writer on the weekender and also has a masters in history and political science .

So where to start as my e reader broke just as I got the book I ve had to read it via my adobe reader on the computer over a week or two .The book is also nice set out using various size typography to draw you into the quotes .In places I felt Kenny may Have picked different quotes from Thoreau but like most things every one has their favourites and on the whole it gave a great view on Thoreau’s writing and made me want to get his Journals something I ve want to read for a while ,this book would make a great coffee table book to be picked up and glance through all the time also is a great gift for someone who maybe wants to try Thoreau but is a little nervous of Walden .It is also good for kids as a intro with the pictures .the book also received the full approval of the Thoreau society .

there has been a number of stops already on the tribute book tour for thumbing through Thoreau ,you can also follow tribute on twitter .



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  1. Tom C
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 07:16:48

    I read Walden many years ago and enjoyed it greatly. This sounds just the job for catching up with the rest of his writing. I enjoyed the video. I see this available on the Kindle for £2.84


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  3. Nicole Langan
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 15:43:47

    Stu – thank you for struggling through a broken e-reader and still being able to post your review. Many thanks for sharing the book with your blog readers and for hosting a stop on the tour.

    I appreciate your film/theatre references to Dead Poets Society and the History Boys. I like when reviewers add elements from popular culture to their book reviews. It always adds an added layer of recognition for the reader.

    Best wishes,
    Tribute Books


  4. Emily Jane
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 23:56:08

    I have not read Thoreau, always sort of assumed (completely judgmentally, and I don’t know why) that he’d be kind of…boring? But I do think it’s time to read him and find out for sure.


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