show me the books I ll show you the man ,a life in books

Well I ve come up with a great idea ,I loved the bbc programm rock tree where you follow bands via members and styles in a huge family tree so I was thinking why don’t I do the same with my books start with child hood books over weeks then teen and adult books and show how each book opened up options to other books thus building a reading tree for my self .


Well I ll start with a true hero of mine Sherlock Holmes ,I found this in my christmas presents in 1983 (oh yes I m that old ),it is one of my most treasured books from my mum as my parents separated when I was at primary school I knew it had cost her a lot and was thus valued by myself ,it contains three main short stories collection and three novels ,it gave me endless hours of under the covers reading of murders ,robberies,midget’s and hell hounds .I have always loved any films no matter how bad connect to Holmes and have a good many on dvd and of course the wonderful Jeremy Brett tv series .Holmes gave me a foot hold in adult books at a tender age and led on too .

  1. the other Doyle books like lost world and more adventures ,via the YA Willard price adventure series the adventures of Hal and Roger as they collect creatures around the world in places such as the amazon ,also Arthur Ransomes swallows and amazons books .
  2. Maigret I read a few Maigret books by the prolific Belgian writer Georges Simenon ,this gave me a taste of french life and another great detective to follow ,he is different to holmes as a family man but like Holmes is deep thinker
  3. Alternative fiction ,I read books based on Holmes stories containing sci-fi and stories with Holmes like character ,there are many out there and still new ones being written although I didn’t read many along this line the style of writing use an existing character in other books or a historic character has cropped up in a lot of books I ve read .

 So there is part one of my book history one book three leads from that one book .

What books lead your reading as a child ?

August 2010


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