Don Quixote week 2 – does a shaving bowl make a good helmet ?

This stage of the book we find out more about the Don’s faithful squire Sancho Panza ,that he isn’t maybe the brightest spark in the back as he recounts the happenings of the previous days to people ,There is also a wonderful scene where the Don thinks he has found a mythical helmet to wear but it turns out to be an old shaving bowl this reminded me of the scene in lost in la Macha the film about terry Gilliam’s failed attempt at a don Quixote film .there is an unpaid inn bill that crops up as the adventures continue .

There is a great note in the foot notes about a joke using word play that can’t easily be translated about costs and ribs as the spanish words costas and costillas sound very similar ,This highlights one of the hardest areas of translation wordplay and jokes ,these are some of the hardest things to translated and Grossman did the best thing by not changing the passage and subsisting it for a similar concept ,which I have seen in other translations .

Here is a great video I found about a toy robot Don Quixote made by some one .


Winston’s july

Well its been a funny month in Winston towers ,Winston’s mum Amanda was very poorly so second half of month not blogged much ,but have start the Don Quixote read along and really enjoying it so far ,with two stages already read have read a number of books but yet to review ,but luckily on holiday from tomorrow so will catch up whilst off work .

Julys books

  1. The last brother by Nathacha Appanah .
  2. For bread alone by Mohamed Chourki .
  3. The Reconstructionist by Nick Avrin .
  4. Stones in a landslide by Maria Barbel .
  5. Dream story by Arthur Schintzer .
  6. the imperfectionist by Tom Rachman .
  7. The Slap christof tsiolkas .
  8. A personal matter by  Kenzaburo oe
  9. Death in Bordeaux by Alain Massie


In process of reading

Don Quixote by Cervantes

the frozen Heart by Almudena Grandes

Challenges –

Hundred books in a year -73/100 ,well on course 27 left to reach target

around the world  17/52 managed to read one from my list .

Next month –

The plans for this month are read my 3 1930’s books ,the books from Netherlands ,Greece ,Egypt ,Cape Verde and few other if I get the chance .Sorry for absence second half of this month

August 2010


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