Dream story by Arthur schnitzler

Schnitzler lived in turn of the century Austria He was good friends with Freud and was also a doctor like his friend he is probably best known for his play la ronde that caused a storm of controversy in its day and wasn’t performed to after he did .The book is a slim Novella just under a 100 pages long ,it follows a married couple in vienna over two days .The couple Albertine and Fridoline ,the story start when Albertine admits to her Husband an attraction to a young solider on the couples previous years holiday ,this leads to a swapping of sexual fantasy and a wanting to carry them out ,so over the space of two-day the couple experience the seedier side of vienna’s nightlife and the man y fetishes and kinks they can experience because of the time .This isn’t as good as they thought .

Albertine was the first to find the courage  to make a frank confession ;and with a trembling voice she asked Fridolin  if he remembered a young man the previous summer on the Danish coast who had been sitting with two officers at the table next to them on evening ,and who had promptly on receiving a telegram during the meal ,had promptly taken a hast leave of his two friends .

fridolean nodded ,what about him ? he asked .#

Albertine confesses to fridolean.

As you’d expect for a friend of Freud and a writer in the time of Viennese decadence this book is full on at times maybe not as shocking as in its day it can still open your eyes and holds a glass up toi a free society before the rise of hitler and post first world war ,the book was adapted in to a film by Stanley Kubrick ,a bit like the peirne books it took just over an evening to read and was clearly written and nicely translated by J M Q Davis ,the book maybe highlights the danger of indulging too much in your fantasy ,also how marriages work .

winstons score –

manga rabbit they are like rabbit in one way and fantasy like manga in another way .

July 2010


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