The reconstructionist by Nick Avrin

Nick Arvin has written two books before the Reconstructionist ,he grew up in Michigan ,studied engineering at university ,also worked in forensic engineering  like the main character in the book .Nick also graduated from Iowa writing workshop .To find out more about nick I d visit his website here .The book focuses on 4 main characters 3 living and one dead there is Ellis Barstow an engineering grad that has drifted back to his home town and fallen into his job with John Boggs where they recreate accidents or more precisely events  ,then there is Bogg.s wife Heather that Ellis is also having an affair with ,and then in the background there is Ellis dead brother Christopher who Ellis doesn’t believe died in a straight forward accident ,and wants to find the truth but his boss and friend Boggs did the report on his accident .

Two boxy American sedans  a Chevy and a Plymouth have a startling appearance : the lie in unnatural postures ,pointed in oblique directions ,damaged in dark inversions ,their black guts exposed ,their glossy surfaces crushed and twisted and torn .

as a nine Ellis year old  caught his first accident .


As the book unfolds it becomes like a car crash ,as they investigate each crash the story unfurls a little more ,Nick Arvin has  written the guy’s job really well not too technical as too bore the reader but enough to keep you fascinated in this interesting job ,along the way Ellis get more clues and insights in the crash that took his half-brother Christopher whilst growing closer to Heather all the time .He and Boggs are great friends but there is always an unspoken tension in that friendship .The novel has been sold to Fox tv as a drama series ,which I can see it being great for the accidents all have their own little story attached to them and then there is the main storyline I for one will eagerly be awaiting this as a series it has the potential to be great .


I ve always loved watching chimps like them this book is visual and social as you see the realtionships of the charcaters inter play with one another .

the book is published by Hutchinson

July 2010


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