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Hi all this is second blog hop I put down for I mainl review translated fiction on the blog ,look forward to meeting some new bloggers as I hop around blogs ,all the best stu and winston .

favourtie book – rings of saturn W G Sebald

winstons books

well not had many books at winston towers last week or so but have got few new additions to the ever growing pile .

First off is this bitter leaf it is by Chioma Okereke she is originally from Nigeria ,and has nearly won to competitions for unpublished novels ,this is her debut novel published by virago ,it was sent to me by the lovely Sarah at bookrabbit ,the book revolves round life in a village called mannobe and the people who live there ,their loves ,loss and being a parent .Sounds really good .

the second is from library a book been waiting few weeks for it is Christos tsiolkas ‘s the slap a wonderful book from australia ,the book centres on a bbq in a suburb and the out fall of a man slapping a unruly youngster ,the book is told from 8 points of view .I heard Tsiolkas interview and discovered that it was partly based on a real incident .it will also count to global reading challenge I entered 🙂 . This may be on booker list as well .

now this was from my local book sale Brink is a writer I am not very familiar with and on this edition there isn’t a lot of info about this book ,I now he was very influential  in the anti apartheid movement ,so it be a voyage of discovery .

I read beautiful screaming of pigs earlier in year ,so want to read more Galgut as I enjoyed that so much this book follows the death of a minister and the murderer assumes his identity and is found out and pursued by a captain of police across the veld .This was also from book sale ,can feel a small challenge for myself got three nice books from south africa so may read them all together and compare and see what they all sat about south african writing .


July 2010


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