All my friends are superheros by Andrew Kaufman

Now this is Andrew Kaufman’s Debut a short Novel just over a hundred pages ,it follows a flight from Toronto to Vancouver ,the main characters are Tom and his superhero wife ” the perfectionist” ,the problem is that tom’s wife is unable to see tom after being hypnotized by her ex another superhero by the name of Hypno so since they were married see hasn’t seen tom ,thing he has run off she has decide to move towns to make her life perfect again as she is the perfectionist ,during the flight we find out via flash back how the pair meet and ,all about the bizarre collection of superheros from true superheros to slight faults like the girl who is always falling or the chip with a chip on her shoulder .

But the chip on chip’s shoulder weighs so much that only her super-strength could remove it ,but she can’t use until she gets rid of the chip and she she can’t get rid of the chip without using her super strength .she appears no stronger than any regular .


Tom sets out to find out how to become visible again ,first off meeting another couple of people who are truly invisible the blue outcast that is paint blue so he can be seen ,but gets no help there all his superhero friends are no real help so this flight is the be all and end all of the marriage .It took an afternoon to read this book ,it’s a wonderfully quick read ,the writing is crisp and very ,very funny it is such a long time since i have laugh so much whilst reading a book ,Kaufmann has a quirky humour it reminded  me of the early 90’s Canadian comedy series” kids in the hall .The question is what makes a superhero in this book is it special powers ? or are we all superheros and don’t know it and are just awaiting our superhero name ?


Well racoon seems best for this book ,crafty ,funny looking and very mischievous

I got this book via twitter from telegrams P.R also andrews new book “the waterproof bible ” thats due out next month

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  1. Tati
    Jun 13, 2010 @ 12:01:17

    The title of this book alone makes me want to read it. And as I always prefered a weird humour in novels (see John Irvings early ones), I surely will read it!
    Thanks for this,Stu!


  2. Sarah
    Jun 13, 2010 @ 12:46:57

    This sounds like lots of fun, and also thoughtful. Nice find!


  3. amymckie
    Jun 13, 2010 @ 15:55:57

    The book sounds hilarious! Thanks for reviewing 🙂


  4. farmlanebooks
    Jun 14, 2010 @ 09:47:45

    I didn’t realise that this book was so short. I love the sound of this quirky little book. I hope I can get round to reading it soon.


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