World cup of writing – team ENGLAND


GOALKEEPER – CHARLES DICKENS ,the keeper on the whole is a giant and has generally a lot of experience and a pair of safe hands ,so my No1 is mr dickens are greatest novel writer a man of the people his books still ring  as true today as the day they were written .so dickens is our David James .

RIGHT BACK – W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM ,now like keeper in england the right back tends to stick around in the team from Kenny Samson to Gary Neville ,so Maugham seems an ideal fit not a huge star but in a lot of ways he has huge influence ,he is books were beautifully written and his autobiography is one of the best guides to writing ever written by a successful writer .

CENTRE BACK 1-PATRICK HAMILTON ,now there are two types of centre backs the graceful and the bruiser ,now bruiser suits Hamilton he wrote about dark bars and rough nights in seedy london so he is our enforcer at the back .our terry butcher of writers

CENTRE BACK 2-H G WELLS , the godfather of modern sci-fi and a great storyteller he wrote books on a lot of subjects and has influence most sci-fi writers and george Orwell whois own name is an homage to H G so Wells is are graceful intelligent defend the writers Rio or ledley king  .

LEFT BACK -PATRICK NEATE ,left backs tend to be fanciful and stylish ,so Patrick Neate seems a perfect fit a writer with playful stories and a real passion for the written word he started book slam who’s podcasts i listen to ,so our writing Ashley Cole is mr Neate .

RIGHT WINGER- WILL SELF ,now our last right-winger was Beckham so will self fits him perfectly a ambassador for the written word with real flair and a ability to keep in the public eye ,from Dorian to the book of dave Will always impresses with his clever word man ship just like Beckham .

DEfENSIVE MIDFIELDER – Agatha Christie the mistress of crime would be great as see had a wonderful eye for detail and ability to solve a case so like Barry or Hargreaves an ability to keep control of the game is essential with put showing off and that is just what Agatha did in her wonderful books spinning the story without being to showy

PLAYMAKER-J G BALLARD – now our lampard has to be Ballard he was the master of the spectacular stories from a interpretations of his Saigon childhood and war to environmentalism in drowned world ,consumerism and high-class living in super Cannes ,JG books where fast paced and wonderfully weaved and that is what a playmaker should do so Ballard is the writing Lampard .

LEFT WINGER – GEORGE ORWELL ,now who else could i pick the troubled england position by a writer that troubled minds with his forward thinking and ability to pass politics to everyman through his novels ,so our Arraon Lennon is Orwell a man who always wrote from the heart and this is what we hope Lennon does .

STRIKER -IAIN MCEWAN now he is our tall writer always dependable like McEwan his writing is spectacular but he is consistent he has wrote books that sell well for lit books his latest is his best in a while ,so the writing peter crouch is McEwan tall thin and always there .


STRIKER -WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE now our bard fits Rooney perfectly the plays he wrote still have great meaning ,they sum up england to a tee and ask any one name an english writer they ll say Shakespeare ask any football fan name an english player nowadays they’ll say Wayne Rooney our goal threat and one of the best players england has ever produced .

MANAGER -ITALO CALVINO ,like our current manager a master of tactics the italian writer Calvino wrote great plots and clever words play and in a number of different way just like Fabio Capello seems to be doing at the moment .

so there is my 11 hope it helps non football fans understand a bit there other halfs passion and maybe why people love the game so much ..



loads but here we go in no order really ,Beckham scoring against Greece to help us qualify in 2006 a wonderful goal that set dreams alight ,linaker goals in Italia 90 ,Gazza tears at the same world cup ,Pearce missing then scoring penalties Keegan missing out an early memory ,Platt performances in 90 ,Beckham in 2006 like a man restored after the disgrace of being sent off .all back to new orders world in motion or three lions from baddle and skinner .


tropical night falling by Manuel Puig

Manuel Puig

 Notes –

This was Puig’s last novel ,he wrote numerous novel prehaps his most famous was the kiss of the spider women which was also made into a highly acclaimed film ,he lived in exile in both italy and mexico ,he also worked as a screenwriter ,he had a close friendship with the translator of this book and most of his books Suzanne Jill Levine ,his works are currently being republished by dalkey archive in us ,the edition i read was the Faber version from the 1990’s

The book –

the book centres on to elderly sister in their eighties as they live in an apartment in Rio De Janeiro in exile from Argentina ,there is a colourful cast of characters surround them ,from a man fascinated with a teenage maid ,violence and the undercurrent of sexual tension then one sister gets  an invitation from a son and goes away to visit and the rest of book is in the form of letters about their day to-day life ,.

Lucerne october 8 1987,

dear Nidia;

Here I am writing from devil’s hill .who would have thought it a week ago .The trip was good ,luckily i Insisted on travelling economy class ;it was empty in the back and a sweet varig stewardess gave me a row of five seats and I went to sleep as soon as they took the dinner tray away ………….

the first of the letters in the later stages of the book between the sisters .

My view –

Now this was a book of two halves for me the first which i really didn’t enjoy i found Puigs narration and dialogue a bit all over the place at times and found my self losing my way in the story .but the second half when the sisters visits family aboard and what happens was wonderful the letters are so well written and seem so realistic almost like the letters my own grandmother wrote that lost art of penmanship ,so if your willing to work through the hard first hundred pages the second half is wonderfully rewarding ,I ll read Puig again he has a certain talent for sexual tension and a challenging writing style .

score –

three toe sloth  as it is strange and very slow but an amazing creature a bit like this book .

Have you read Puig ?

June 2010


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