A stumbling block !

For last two days I ve had a real reading block for the first time in a while ,was trying to get through a short Saul Bellow novella but just couldn’t get in to it so put it to one-sided and tried I saw ramallah from my arabic reading challenge and that didn’t grab me ,so said on twitter was having problems and mar a good friend on twitter suggest ya only have one and that was the new Zafon tried 2 pages and was grabbed so spent afternoon looking for something eventually settle for either Bolano’s nazi literature in america or 84 charing cross road by Helen Haniff and decide on Bolano that has done the trick shot through 80 pages this evening no problem .now this is a question what does everyone else do when they ve readers block .

What do you do ?

Bolano saves my reading block

world cup of writers U.S.A


Now like australia it is really hard to name all the amazing writers from the U.S  so i m, going to name some of my favourites here ,classic wise there are two that leap out to me Walden Henry David Thoreau ,his account of spend a year (well more actually ) in a log cabin by a lake ,this book is about the simple life being a good neighbour and caring for the natural world and probably one of my ten desert island books if i had to choose ten books ,as fresh today as when it was written. the other is twain not so much the finn and sawyer books thou they are great his innocent abroad is a wonderful glimpse at travel in the europe at 1860’s . Now slightly more up to date is Steinbeck ,no Fitzgerald is a good writer but in my opinion Steinbeck is the better writer and seems to have caught the depression era so wonderfully ,my favourite is cannery row a tale of down and outs struggling to get by ,but doing so .then there are the giants of post war literature mailer ,Updike and Roth i have enjoyed books by all these writers mailers naked and the dead is one of the best fictionalized accounts of ww2 ever written ,Updike rabbit series paints the post war years so well through one mans life-like him or loathe him or both rabbit is one of the best american characters ever written ,Roth’s plot against america is well wroth reading as a great alternate history ,now some other favourites writers and my favourite books  include – Raymond Craver (elephant ), Paul Auster (mr vertigo ),Jonathan Letham (motherless Brooklyn ) .I like a lot more but these are ones i have really enjoyed .

the walden cabin

World cup memories –

I can’t start talking about usa in world cup without mentioning Alexi Lalas ,the long red-haired player from the 90’s  ,he stared in the 1994 world cup ,a lot of the us players over the years have played in europe ,Cobi Jones from 1994 played for Coventry and numerous others ,i remember the game in france 1998 were America played Iran an amazing swapping of gifts and a good tempered game shows the power of football at its best bring these two polar opposite countries together for 90 minutes

Alexi Lalas

June 2010


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