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Now there are loads of australian writers available in england to many to list so i m highlighting some of my favourites and some i m going to read in next twelve months ,I ll start with what many consider the original australian classic and a book i start reading on my e reader but have decide to actually buy a copy of ,its Marcus Clarks -for the term of his natural life ,the account of richard Devine a man from a well to do family that ends up being transported to Tasmania ,the account is partially based on real accounts of the time ,this book is very powerful ,the next is Patrick White and his book the solid mandala a tale of two brother that are polar opposites personality wise and is told in different chapter by each brother a truly wonderful book by a somewhat overlooked writer ,tim Winton is a writer who’s books i have so enjoyed in the last few year ,breath a story of surfing and growing up was wonderful ,his masterpiece cloud street i have yet to read but always need a rainy day book .David Mahlouf is another writer that writers beautiful books ,Peter Carey I ve read most of Peters books my favourite is true history of Kelly gang ,Carey’s books have a wonderful way of mixing history and fiction ,they tell of high adventures at times and always different ,now  I  intend to read the slap soon Christopher Tsiolkas novel that follow events at a bar b q and an event that affects people at the bar b que ,Peter Careys new novel and nick caves second novel .


Now australian football at world cup for many years was effected by their inclusion for many years in the Oceania qualifying group which lead to them playing the 5th place team in south american group which was a hard task and lend to australia missing a number of world cups .they have played in two world cups 1974 were they got knocked out first round and 2006 in germany where they got through qualifying to play in last 16 ,the best game for me was a 2-2 draw in the last group game against Croatia as a number of players on both teams could have played either country so it was a grudge match so to speak and end in a draw send Croatia home and australia to a very close game against eventual champions italy .

2010 team

June 2010


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