windmills for the mind update !

windmills for the mind

I m propsing to start the readalong of Don Quixote on 19th July and have first chat about it on 26th July ,and then every monday after that ,on my blog stats mondays always seem a little quieter than rest of week ,I ll do the first Monday and then if people want volunter to host a chat via comments every week .

time – 10 weeks reading 92 pages a week and 94 the final week

inspiration – i ask carlos ruiz zafon if he had any advice for reading Don Quixote on a twitter chat he was doing he said –

Answer: #crzafon Bring chairs and vitamins – it’s a long book. Seriously – It’s a much more modern book than you would expect…

look forward to loads of chats about this great book .

world cup of writing – Japan

The writers –

Now suppose the first place to start is with Haruki Murkami ,he is the most well-known contemporary Japanese writer ,I ve read a number of his books the novel  south of the border west of the sun i really enjoyed ,also his non fiction collection of writing about running what i talk about when i talk about running with its Raymond Carver inspired title ,Gave a wonderful insight into the modern Japanese Psyche and the man himself ,other writers i ve read include Yukio Mishna’s the sailor who fell from grace with the sea which i didn’t enjoy so much but has stuck in my mind for a time after i read it .the female writer banana Yoshimoto whose kitchen I read years ago ,a family drama set in nineties Tokyo ,she is a firm favourite of a twitter friend and writer Dan Holloway one of the year zero collective .i also have a collection of short stories which featured 25 story’s from early to mid twentieth century japanese writers ,there are a lot of new writers appear from japan that i shall be reading future and people like endo .

short japanese story collection

World cup memories –

they have played last three world cup with 2002 being the only time they progress ,they had a wonderfully talented midfielder called hidetoshi Nakata he was dubbed the David beckam of japan and supported a very jazzy haircut ,they pull a big  victory over russia in 2002 which was a mild shock as they were thought to be the outsiders in their group .

hidetoshi nakata

June 2010


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