uk book blogger conference ?

bloggers ? maybe?

A conversation earlier inspired by Amy reads visit to the US book blogger conference ,lead to some laments that us uk blogger appear not to have such a wonderful event with panels and chance to flesh out so to speak who we are ,now I m not volunteering myself to organise this but would help if people are interested ,If some one has experience in organizing events for people or companies would be great ,any ideas welcome also borrowing post for your blog get people interested in it also where and time of year ,this is post get interest up and hopefully start a ball rolling to lead to bigger things ,all the best stu . 

  • i know some publishers have blogger meet ups ,so why can’t us bloggers

A picture to sum up my reading

the pack Joseph Beuys

This installation from 1969 by the great german artist Joseph Beuys sums up my reading I think fairly well ,adventurous ,different mainly post second world war .Beuys like to push the boundaries of the art world ,asking for berlin wall to be raised ,to give berlin better prospective was on thing he asked for ,he used lumps of butter in exhibits just thrown to ground ,he was a gunner in bombers in the second world war ,he lived in Kleve in Germany for a long time which is the same town I lived in ,he also did a number of pieces for the 4 yearly documenta city-wide art event in Kassel that i also have seen .So like Beuys I m always searching for new voices to express my reading .

this is a meme from Simon at stuck in books i ve just found his blog recently

June 2010


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