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Well there has been a few packages at Winston towers . This week here i ll give a brief description of books and where they came from –

Andrew Kaufman from Telegram


1. These came from Kelly at telegram books ,via twitter .these are the debut and new novel by Canadian writer Andrew Kaufman .All my friends are superheros his debut came out in 2003 it follows tom a non superhero in a world of superheros as he tries to be seen by his wife that has been hypnotized to not see tom by her ex .the new novel the water proof bible which see three character Rebecca lewis and Aberystwyth going on a road trip come quest across Canada as they try to find redemption .

link to telegram page

on many deaths of Amanda Palmer

2. this book came to me by duckworth books via twitter ,it is a collection of writings edited by Rohan Kriwaczech ,the musician writer and composer ,the book follows an outpouring of writing by fans of Dresden dolls and now solo singer Amanda Palmer these piece sprung up on the internet and have now been given the term Palmeresque ,it is a wonderful example of fan fiction .

 link to duckworth page

the inheritance Peter Stephan Jungk

3. via Pushkin press ,I m taking part in my first blog tour and this is the book we re touring .the book is from  the well-known German writer Peter Stephan Jungk he is also a screenwriter and essayist ,lives in paris .the book follows Daniel Loew a poet as he tries to claim his uncles inheritance ,this takes him to his uncle’s home in Venezuela and then on to Miami and hamburg ,all this against a back drop of Hugo Chavez failed coup .the book is a Hoffman translation so really looking forward to it

link to Pushkin press  

books from insidebooks

4. these came from my friend and fellow blogger Simon ,strangely the books have thematically similar covers although totally different stories ,the book of fame is Lloyd jones debut novel ,he shot to fame with mister Pip ,Jones is from New Zealand and his debut follows the first all black tour of england a group of ordinary men become huge heros after this successful tour in 1905 .The second is David Mitchells new novel a book that is set to become on of the books of the year and may give him the booker the book follows Jacob De Zoet a dutch clerk in 1790’s japan .as ever Mitchell has proved his talent by writing something different to his previous canon of work .

link to inside books

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