taking part in the arabic summer reading challenge 2010

arabic lit

M.Lynx Qualey of ARABLIT  blog is hosting a an arabic reading challenge ,she has ask writers critics and scholars to pick great books from the arab world and you can choose one or five to read over the summer i ve picked five myself  my five choice if they all come from library
1 tales from dayrut by Mohamed  Mustagab(Egypt)
2 cities of salt by Abd al Rahman Munif (Saudi arab)
3 for bread alone by Mohamed Choukri (Morocco)
4 yalo by Elias Khoury (Lebanon)
5 i saw ramallah by Mourid Barghouti (Palestine)

a varied selection from my library

Have you a favourite arab book ?

world cup of writer Paraguay


Now this was a struggle to find some so there isn’t many names and be truthful I ve not read any but will try to after reading up about some books from Paraguay ,the main writer that has got regontion abroad is Augusto Roa Bastos who was part of the latin american boom and wrote a highly regarded novel i the supreme ,a fictionalized account of a 19th century dictator in Paraguay the book is available on the dalkey archive press .there is a poet called Renee Ferrer de Arrellaga  here is a poem extract

  El eco de los pájaros The echo of the birds
  se ha vuelto ceniciento. has turned the colour of ash.
  De los árboles cuelga la amargura del duelo; From the trees hangs the bitterness of the duel;
  y en la trémula línea del silencio, and in the flickering line of the silence,
  calado de abandono, fret with abandonment,
  asumo I assume
  la soledad sin término. unending solitude

there is also a modern-day sci-fi writer called jeu Azarru ,who writes cyber punk and short stories .

World cup memories –

I remember them in france 1998 ,mainly because of their free kick and penalty taking goal keeper Jose Luis Chilavert a cult figure in his homeland ,he even scored 4 goals in qualifying for 2002 world cup ,at moment Roque Santa Cruz is there best known player he plays for Manchester city ,Paraguay has qualified for 7 world cups and reach 2nd round 3 times .


May 2010


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