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Well  i lived for a short time in the early nineties in germany post the Berlin wall  coming down ,so have read a few german writers I ll pass on some of my favourites here well the grand master of german writing is Goethe a bit like Germany’s  Shakespeare i ve read young wether and Faust both of which i enjoyed Faust is a play about a man that makes a deal with the devil and has inspired several other books and plays over the years .next are the post war writers Gunter grass and Heinrich Boll ,Grass tin drum has recently been re translated which I shall look to read and see if it has change from the earlier translation ,his my century is a wonderful collection of almost flash fiction that intertwines with each year of the 20th century getting a few pages you see small and large events through various peoples eyes .Boll has fallen of the radar in uk of recent shame his book encapsulate the post war germany and the struggles that happened ,the clown was a good one of his to start with set in Bonn following a son from  a rich family as he becomes an artist and starts to travel round and he also has some strange gifts .Now my all time favourite writer Sebald who manage to mix fiction non fiction and pictures in his wonderful books whether its question of Germany’s war or the east Anglia he lived before his untimely death A new german writers  Julia franck ,jenny Erphenbeck , Hertha Muller the nobel winner now a bit like their team german writers make a strong team .  



World cup memories –  

My memories of germany start with the mullet cut of Karl Heinz Ruminegger in the 80’s with his classic 80’s haircut a striker with guile and grace and the strength and resolve of the german team . i had a lot of  joy at their knocking out by lowly Bulgaria in 94 ,to making the final  as rank outsiders in 2002 ,they always play well no matter how they qualified  ,having made the semis 11 time win 3 times and a runner-up 4 times .suppose the 74 final is the best win when they beat holland who were the fancied team , but germany ran out winners after a close game .  

Rummenigge playing

May 2010


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