persephone reading week cheerful weather for a wedding by julia strachey


Julia Strachey

Notes – 

Julia strachy was on the fringes of the bloomsbury group she was a cousin to the biograph Lytton Strachey  part of the famous stachey family,she was published by hogarth press orginally that was connected to the group  she also published another novel twenty years after this .It was book 38 in persephone releases . 

The book –  

The book follows dolly the main charcaters wedding day to the hon Owen Bigham , we start with the morning nerves and her brothers frolicking about downstairs on the sofa . 

Robert’s black shoes sticking on the arm of the sofa were crossed one over the other , and revealed a gleam of emerald between the shoes and the trousers . 


her mother flaps as the day progresses nerves run high drinks are taken to calm nerves ex’s appear Joseph that confides he is still in love with dolly  and aunts are abound ,In what seems a typical if a little fraught at times wedding day in  the thirties . 

My view – 

I was looking forward to reading this book and was disappoint it oozes the era ,Dolly’s brothers and the aunts made me think of Woodhouse and Wooster with his aunts .But this book is slightly darker than them ,Julia had wonderful observations and great dialogue in this book .The book is wonderfully produce with an elegant front cover and nice inner leaves .I m a little disappoint that this was the only book i ve got to read for Persephone week , but due to work and home commitments i haven’t had the time .This was a wonderful book to republish a lost gem from a writer connected to so many other writers . 

Links – 

the life of Julia Strachey – a 2 page pdf file 

Best european fiction 2010 belgian(french)

Jean Philippe Toussaint

Zidane’s melancholy -Jean-Philippe Tousaint ,

best european fiction 2010

This story was 5 pages long and concerns moments in football mainly the infamous headbutt from zindine zidane  to a italian player in the world cup ,Touisaint also points out hurst did it didn’t it ball over line in 1966 final ,he says zindine had a black moment that could stayed in the head but didn’t and became a actual act .Tousaint is 53 a prose writer and has a number of books published by dalkey archive he has also made a number of films he has also taken books of photographs .

May 2010


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