A year in the woods by Colin Elford

A year in the woods

Notes –

Colin is a forest ranger working for the forestry commission in Dorset ,His neighbour is angling journalist who suggest he publish this book from his notes made over a year working in his job .

The book –

We start of in January with Colin going round the woods with his two dogs checking that everything is ok for the year ahead .We learn what his job entails the control of the deer with in the land making sure the wood is in tip-top condition .We she him training a German to stalk a deer although he doesn’t like him that much he is touch by the farewell and the gratitude of the skills he has passed on to this guy .There are funny accounts like the time he has rushed out to help to rutting deers that have got there antlers stuck together .Now a note of caution there is hunting of animals described in this book .

It’s early and in the dark I stagger to find the door handle to the kitchen .A blast of wind and rain throws itself at the kitchen window and stare into the darkness ,jugding the opposition .

outside i point to the open door of my truck and both dogs are quavering in anticipation ,waiting for my command .I say the word -up ……………

the opening lines of the book .

My view –

I have always loved nature books from notes from walnut tree farm to Walden ,Colin drags you in to the Dorset woods and a year of the land changing around him the coming and going of nature wonderfully descriptive and insightful with the real sense of Colin’s love of his job and the land he is working in .A true gem for any nature lover .

May 2010


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