world cup of writers

world cup of writers

I am a huge football fan and the world cup is one of my favourite things to watch so over the last few weeks i ve been thinking of a way to combine my love of reading and football so i decide on a tour of the countries qualified for the world cup .The idea is to highlight writers and also add my own memories of watching the team in the world cup .Now with a few of the qualifiers i ve not read anything so i will note this on the post  and do research in to writers there .I may also ask some fellow bloggers to write posts for me .so the qualifiers are –

  1. Australia
  2. Japan
  3. North Korea
  4. South Korea
  5. Honduras
  6. Mexico
  7. U.S.A
  8. Denmark
  9. England
  10. France
  11. Germany
  12. Greece
  13. Italy
  14. Holland
  15. Serbia
  16. Slovakia
  17. Slovenia
  18. Spain
  19. Portugal
  20. Switzerland
  21. Algeria
  22. Cameroon
  23. cotes de ivorie (ivory coast)
  24. Ghana
  25. Nigeria
  26. South Africa
  27. Argentina
  28. Brazil
  29. Chile
  30. Paraguay
  31. Uruguay
  32. New Zealand

A wonderful selection of writers have already sprung to my mind to Highlight and many memories of matches watched .I m starting soon even thou it is a few weeks away the world cup its going to take some time to work through all 32 teams on at a time .

Can you suggest any writers from any of the qualifers ?

April 2010


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