100th post

Some triva bits for 100th post –

  1. I am tall over 6ft
  2. I m married
  3. I ve owned two dogs Winston and much missed Merlin my first dog
  4. I grew up with cats Siamese and moggys
  5. I love coffee
  6. I don’t drink milk or cream
  7. I know makton (sign language for learning disabilities )
  8. best day ever my wedding day
  9. Worst day losing Merlin
  10. Best work day getting life story of person i support published
  11. I own over a 1000 cds
  12. I  have a large book buying habit
  13. I live in a small house
  14. I lived in germany
  15. Favourite bookshop barter books alnwick
  16. Missed book shop peak books Chesterfield
  17. Favourite book cover english patient first paperback cover
  18. favourite album cover unknown pleasures -joy division
  19. favourite film wings of desire
  20. favourite tv comedy fraiser
  21. favourite tv show band of brothers
  22. I own over 40 Dylan albums
  23. I love holidays in Algarve
  24. I love to visit art gallery’s
  25. I don’t drive
  26. I suffer from dsypraxia
  27. I m very forgetful
  28. I ve a photographic memory
  29. Favourite holiday honeymoon in Torquay
  30. Soulmate my wife
  31. I love to cook
  32. I m untidy
  33. First album brought paul hardcastle (sad i know )
  34. first good album brought housemartins london o hull4
  35. I read the times every day
  36. I get T.L.C every week
  37. longest book read don deillo underworld
  38. My father reads thrillers and westerns and reads loads more than me
  39. My wife likes true life books
  40. I m fairly shy

there a bit more about me and last meme post for a bit ,Thanks for all making me welcome to blogging .stu

April 2010


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