the book clinic ?

book clinic

just an idea ,i m kicking about .How many times have you read a book and thought that was great but  don’t want read that writer again but i d like something else like that ,but not known where to start ?,or heard about Scandinavian crime fiction and don ‘t know where to start or have tried one and not like it for a reason .Well wouldn’t a clinic be great a place where you can ask for ideas about where to start and where to move on to .Twitter is great for this but there is such a wealth of bloggers out there with such varied tastes .I think this would be a great way of discovering new bloggers and crossing those genre barriers .Now i m a newish blogger and know i don’t get many people but wondered if people wanted to go with this as an idea ,maybe once a month on a different blog and everyone helps if they can suggest ideas . I d love to admit this was my idea but have borrowed it from a british radio show .

one at a time or loads on the go -the art of reading ?

A question to everyone do you read one book at once or have a number on the go at once ? I ve always tended to read one book at once ,sometimes will leave a book to one side and read another mid book ,but i know some people tend to have a few book on the go at once ,i was wondering why and does this mean you read more ? .I ve been reading more this than last but wondered if there was a way to squeeze a few more books in by have more than one on the go ,i d try it .what works best for you ?

April 2010


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