best european fiction 2010 1

best european fiction 2010

This is dalkey archives collection of short stories from all round europe ,it was edited by american Bosnian Aleksandar Hemon .he was given about four or five stories from each country and decide to choose one from each country  ending up in 35 stories from 30 countries ,as some countries have two languages and different parts like the uk .i ve decide to write short reviews for each story over the next few months to give this wonderful project its due .

  • 1. Albania -(extract from) The country where no one ever dies by Ornela Vorpsi 

ornela vorpsi

  • This story is about the experience of growing up as a young women and girl in Albania ,how important being a virgin is how men perceive women in Albania  ,how well looked after she was when she was sick and how she want to be sick again to have strawberry jam .the story is only 8 pages but gives a brief glimpse into a relatively unknown country .My personal experience with Albania was a summer in the early nineties working alongside a Kosovo Albanian in a factory in Germany a wonderful guy who had worked in tv in his own country ,he ended up in germany as he was intermidatted by the mainly Serbian police in Kosovo .I have read some Ismail Kadare as well who like Vorpsi writes in another language other than Albanian .

 have you read any books from Albania ?

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  1. Mytwostotinki
    Sep 29, 2014 @ 12:51:53

    Hi Stu, I have read maybe 8 or 9 books by Kadare, as I mentioned somewhere else, but I have read also other Albanian authors. I like especially Fatos Kongoli, but his novels are not yet translated in English as far as I know. I read also The Highland Lute by Gjergj Fishta, the Albanian national epos. short stories by Migjeni, The bronze bust by Dritero Agolli, Slogans by Ylliet Alicka (there is also a nice movie based on this story), project@party by Beqe Cufaj, an author from Kosovo (not translated in English yet) and a few others. There is a nice website by the translator and Albanologist Robert Elsie which gives a good overview and translations by Elsie:


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