solar by ian mcewan


This came to me via Sarah at the bookrabbits .It easily the most anticipated books so far this year McEwan is a Marmite writer .The book follows Michael Beard a nobel winner in his early life after refining a Einstein idea .the book structure  falls in to three parts following Beard over the new millenium we first meet him 2000 with a falling marriage and embarking on a trip to the arctic with artist and fellow scientists like McEwan did him self ,the middle section finds him back in england on committees and having affairs and with an increasing waist line .the final section in the near present dat finds beard in america still having affairs ,eating loads and being accused of idea theft after stealing an idea for a photo cell . In this book McEwan has come up with one of the most dislikeable characters i ve ever read a cheater ,lazy ,greedy and liar of a man ,some one who had great promise early in his career but has gone down the wrong path .Now I know a lot of people are going to dislike this book but i loved it i think McEwan has manage to update what was the morality play of years past and transferred it to encapsulate the current state of the world with beard being modern society using all the resources without a thought for the future .the chaos on the ship in the arctic reflects the arguments of nations in my opinon .If you like science you ll love this .

He belonged to that class of men -vaguely  unpreposseing ,often bald ,short , fat , clever – wno are were unnaccountably attractive to certain beautiful women . or he believed he was ,and thinking seem to make it so ….

the opening of solar and meeting  Beard .


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