book booty

book booty

yesterday i went to my local book sale at the church hall not been for a month so thought there may be some new items and there was  here is what i got –

  • hotel du lac by Anita Brookner – don’t know a lot about this other than it won the booker in 1984 ,i want to broaden the amount of female writers i read and this seems to fit that category .
  • Montaigne ,his essays – after hearing Rob at Rob around books wax lyrical about this and the Sarah Bakewell autobiography I decide to see what the fuss was about and this seemed a nice primer for that .
  • after Hannibal by Barry Unsworth – on the whole i m not a big fan of historic type fiction ,Barry Unsworth has done well in booker and the synopsis on the back of this novel sold it to me .
  • along came Dylan by Stephen Foster – i read the first book Stephen wrote about Ollie so when saw this it was a must buy for me ,i like real life dog stories hence my blog name Winston is my beautiful dog .watching Marley and me on the tv made me want a new dog book to read .
  • bound for glory by Woody Guthrie -I m fan of Woody’s music having got in to him via Billy Bragg and Dylan  .I knew about this book and would have got it at some point ,it follows woody through the depression and dust bowls across america .
  • night at the circus by Angela Carter – hands up never read her so got this to make up for that .

not bad for two-pound hey !

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  1. Rob
    Mar 21, 2010 @ 20:04:06

    I REALLY need to find out where your church hall is Stu. They always seem to have such exquisite offers.

    Thanks for the mention too – both on my behalf and Monsieur Montaigne’s. Don’t think of the Essays as a ‘primer’ though, think of it as a main event. The Essays are Montaigne and Montaigne is the Essays.


    • winstonsdad
      Mar 21, 2010 @ 20:08:48

      they do have a lot of good things there strange for a small church hall but is busy .i will get the bio i think to read first ,warmest stu


  2. Sarah
    Mar 21, 2010 @ 21:19:21

    Not bad at all Stu for £2, could there be any better feeling than the joy of bagging yourself a booty of bargain books? Anita Brookner stands out for me as I remember studying her for English lit at school. Providence was my favourite book of hers but hotel du lac comes a close second. Can’t wait to hear what you think – always nice to have a man’s opinion on female writers. All best, Sarah


  3. The Book Whisperer
    Mar 23, 2010 @ 00:36:49

    Where on earth do you live that you can get great books like that for £2!! I’m impressed (and a little bit jealous!).

    I need to check these Montaigne essays out too especially after they almost ruined Rob’s weekend by not turning up in time.


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