bad vibes by luke haines

 this biography / music history book is about the band the auteurs and his project badder meinhof and starting of second group black box record .As soon as i saw this book was out i want to read it having considered this time as a time i was buying records including the auteurs and his other band black box record .

 Luke has a very dry and wryly funny way of describing the time ,which evoke memories in myself he talks about his band starting and the hype that surround the first album new wave which i remember as they seemed to have been a favourite if the nme at times ,and the band having a sound vaguely similar to suede .At times you will laugh out as he takes broadsides of the contemporary’s of his time suede ,blur and oasis all cleverly put down .Haines details the hard life of touring and recording which is the treadmill of the modern performing artist .In places i was surprised like how much he didn’t want to tour with 80’s indie group the the ,yet at the time i thought this was a great idea them touring as they both have quite maverick personalities and quirky lyrics .there is also a great deal about the album they made with the great Steve Albini which is my favourite album of Haines the wonderful after murder park .In the end you learn that luke is a probably the last of the groups from this era to still be going . If you liked his music you ll love this book in places it is funny and a great reminder of a wonderful time in british music .

the old women in my head who sifts through the files that contains memories that fill these pages needs a rest. so , as we reach an approximate halfway point in proceedings ,why not tell the old dear put her feet up for a few minutes as we examine that thing they call Britpop . we hav at some point why put of the inevitable ?

the start of the chapter old women midway in the book .

the book is published by William Heinmann .


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