the snowman by jo nesbo

There is a number of reasons i choose the snow man to read ,firstly is that it fits in with my around the world challenge with the writer being from Norway ,secondly jo Nesbo story of footballer turned writer I found really interesting and wondered how good he could be and lastly is the fact it is a Scandia crime novel that seems to be a current trend in crime fiction

      The first thing with a crime novel i find that if i m going to enjoy it they have to be able to stand-alone when part of a series and this is the fifth Harry Hole book and i like to be able to connect some way with the main character ,well on both counts the books excels there is very little reference to earlier book ,but i m sure if you ve read the earlier book s you’ll be able to see them if there subtle .Now in Harry hole we have a world worn casual dressing yet serious detective who likes the occasional drink and has fairly good taste in  music .

   The story involves wives disappearing and the sudden appearance as they do of a snowman wearing an item of their clothing ,this leads to a number of unsolved missing persons and a deadly foe for Harry .There is many a twist and turn and a few red herrings along the way .this is crime writing at it’s best a ride from start to finish with a great lead character and many interesting character that he meets .

He went into the sitting room ,slipped in the Neil Young cd gloomily took it out again after a quarter of an hour and put on Ryan Adams .the thought of a drink came from nowhere .harry closed his eyes and stared at the dancing pattern of blood and total blindness .he was reminded of the letter again .the first snow .Toowoomba.

a bit from early on as Harry seeks a way into the cake whilst listening to great music .

the book is publish by harvill this week march 6

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  1. Boof
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 17:36:00

    I’m really looking forward to this book – I’ve heard only good things so far. Glad you enjoyed.


    • winstonsdad
      Mar 08, 2010 @ 17:43:23

      yes i will go back and read the earlier ones now ,thing there is a big buzz about this as a alternative to the larrsons


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