postcards from a dead girl by kirk farber

         This is kirk Farber’s debut novel and what a novel to debut with .It is a long time since i ve read a book that has so engrossed me ,i read this in one day .the novel centres on Sid Higgins ,a call centre worker what may be called a McJob .He starts getting post cards from an ex that he thought had died Zoe ,they come from all over europe with short messages like “wish you where here ” .This leads to a acquaintance with the local postal employee  Gerald  ,who turns out to have a crafty wife and be a survivalist .A secondary storyline evolves round Sid’s possible brain tumour under going a battery of tests and cat scans ,Sid also idles away at his McJob carrying on his disheartening cold calling whilst trying to please, his boss his life at work controlled by the randomizier pull the random numbers he cold calls .

  Kirk Faber’s style is short chapters and a large dose of humour you will laugh out loud at places ,with this book if you’re a fan of Magnus Mills or Dan Rhodes you will love this book .

i decide to give Gerald the post office guy another try at explaing my postcard mystery .I think he might have been rushed last time .I find my place in the line .content to watch other customers as they drop off packages or collect stamps ………….

This is one of Sid’s first meetings with Gerald.

this book is published by harper perennial



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