first as tragedy ,then as farce by Slavoj ZIZEK

Slavoj Zizek a Slovenian is one of the major thinkers on the left ,this is his most recent book .A collection of thoughts ideas and musing on the world and particularly the last decade ,how post 9/11 both sides of the political spectrum have had to reevaluate there positions a move away from Liberalism and on the other hand with the credit crunch and financial meltdown a move towards state socialism has been called for .Zizek brings in many different arguments for the changing face of the left reference both academic works and items for popular culture .Elsewhere globalism and ethical trading are discussed with the Starbucks model of trading .i feel this book will take a few readings over time to fully absorb all the information within its 156 pages .if you ve an interest in current affairs or politics this is a great book to read ,

On account of its all-pervasive ,ideology appears as its own opposite as non-ideaology. as the core of human identity underneath all the ideological labels .this is why Jonathan Littell’s outstanding les bienveillantes(the kindly ones) is so traumatic ,especially for germans :

Zizek on ideologies

 do you like philoshpy books ?

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