Hi there well I ll introduce my self to start with I m Stuart ,I live in north Derbyshire where I work supporting people with learing disabilities ,reading is my past time a way to get away from work ,last year I started Winston’s dad ,Winston being my dog .I hope to meet fellow bloggers via bip and improve my blog .

what i decide to do was ask people what they thought I could improve on the blog ,and on the whole three things came up so here are what they are and how i feel i ve improved them this week –

  1. appearance of winstonsdad ,to be truth I was never happy with my theme so did a try of different theme,s and choose one with two sidebars so I could have a side bar for images to brighten up winstonsdad .also upload a photo of books from around world challenge to make a custom header to the blog
  2. categories ,i thin out and made sure every post had both a category and tag now ,also add a category widget to the very top of sidebar .
  3. tweaks loads of little bits I did ,add a google meta key ,update blog roll ,add current and next read image boxes .

i hope these have improved winstonsdad feedback welcomed

book booty

          Every month at least i try to make it to our local book sale at the church hall ,now most of the books there don t interest me but there is always a few gems to be had and today was a really good day for them i came back today with six books for two-pound fifty which is a bargain in any ones books the six books are-

  1. Chekhov  a life in letters ,Chekhovs letters a nice folio society edition as well in great condition ,have a few letter collections a good insight in to a writer i always feel
  2. Foucault’s pendulum by Umberto Eco have had half an eye out for this since being recommend it by Rob at the fiction desk ,pleased I waited a nice hard back edition hope it is a good as Rob said it was
  3. fathers and sons by Ivan Turgenev another folio society book ,don’t know a lot about it other than William Trevor is a fan of Turgenev which is a good enough for me
  4. Wuthering heights by Emily Bronte ,have read this as a teenager ,mainly got it as it’s a everyman library book adding it to may small but growing collection of Everyman’s
  5. black dog by Ian McEwan didnt read this when it came out thought pick it up not read many McEwan’s and always like books with a connection however vague to dogs
  6. Saint Mayle by Anne Tyler ,Tyler has been recommend to me by bookrambler saw this one of two and like this one best by the synopsis on the back of the book

February 2010


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