the brutal telling by louise penny

this is the fifth in the chief inspector Gamache series of novels and the first i have read ,it is an old fashion whodunnit in the vein of marsh,Christie and dexter .the action is centre in Quebec in the town of three pines .where a hermit has been killed and there is a great cast of suspects .enter Gamache and his loyal team where they set up shop in the local b&b and set about investigating the crime in the grand tradition the spotlight of who was the killer is constantly moving a the puzzle unravels ,the tea\m end up in the woods .where Gamache compares how the hermit lived to Thoreau in Walden as he spys a copy in the wooden cabin .the case moves on and expands above the small artistic community in three pines to ex pat czech and the artistic community leading to a thrilling climax which i leave the reader to find out.

       style wise it remind me of morse or the midsummer murders ,there is scope here to make a great television adaption Gamche is a deep and complex character in the vein of morse or Alleyn .this book refresh my interest in crime fiction which is a genre i have neglect for a long while .

      In the hour or so drive into Montreal Gamache and Clara talked about the people of three pines ,about the summer visitors ,about the Gilberts,who Clara thought might stay now.

 just short quote from brutal telling

the cover is a picture of a log cabin in some sinister woods with some spooky yellow writing with the title

January 2010


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