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Thought i d write about the things from the people i follow that have caught my eye .there are so many great people and publishers on twitter its a real wealth of information .

there was a great insight in to the pr’s mind this week by @joethepublicist joe Pickering at penguin discussing an idea about perfume and books .Where perfumes are marketed on the quality of the ingredients and design of the packaging ,this means that the best product as a whole is the one people desire whereas in books this isn’ t always the case ,it would be great if people choose a David Vann or say the new Joshua ferris when it comes out as a opposed to a Dan Brown . a real interesting argument and idea

   Bethan Jones @randompr was giving away proofs of the upcoming jo Nebo book the snowman the latest in his Harry Hole

series the fifth book in this series ,she also posted a link to jo’s great website well worth a peek .A must read for fans of nordic crime

   Rob from @thefictiondesk has a copy of  Roberto Bolano’s new novel in english nazi literature in america to win there is also a review of the book which he read over christmas ,his latest e-mail newsletter is also out a great guide to whats new and current in books you can sign up at the fiction desk for it .

 Macmillan told us all about the new paper back of the incendiary’s trail by James McCreet one of the new writing writers a book about a Victorian detective on the trail of a mastermind in london

Vintage books ,Alison told us about the new wallander tv tie in to go along with the new series from the bbc .

Me myself I tweeted about

wonder- Hugo Claus reviewed here

brutal telling Louise Penny review here over weekend

the patience stones -Atiq Rahimi review early next week

January 2010


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