tender prey nick cave

this is the start of a number of up comingNick Cave reviews thoughts ,comingup to the release of his much awaited second novel  especially by myself . well this is nicks fifth album with the bad seeds and in some ways is the crossing point between angry old testament Nick to the new testament Nick we re familiar with now .the record was recorded in Berlins legendery hansa studios where Lou Reed Iggy Pop and Bowie had all recorded before . during and after the recording procees nick was in the grips of a heroin addiction . the main song on the album is the mercurial the mercy seat which is the thoughts of a death row victim before facing the electric chair and comparing his experience with Jesus facing the cross with Roland Wolfs guitar mixing with the hammond sound from Nick and screaming slide guitar of Blixa .To me this represents the height of angry Nick  vocal style . Elsewhere you see a gudie to the direction Nick moved to in later albums with mellow songs such as new morning and the voyeuristic watchin Alice show a toned down bad seeds a feeling that Blixa in particular has started to take a mellow approach in his guitar playing ,that was also shown a few years later in his own band .Nick had a number of other projects come to fruition round this time his first novel” and the ass saw the angel “and a collectionof stories lyrics called” king ink” was published by black spring press .Their was also two acting roles the first in Wim Wenders hymm to Berlin “wings of desire (der himmel uber Berlin) where nick is heard and seen playing during the film ,then in john hilcoats “ghosts of the civil dead ” where nick plays a pyschotic maynard a inmate in a high security prison in australia

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